Weekly Summary.

Hello everyone! This week was quite a challenge for me, I must admit. I had to go to the DKC a couple times, were they had to help me get my RSS feed from my website, but eventually I emailed my Professor and we got it straight! I am officially registered in the ds106 class for Fall 2019!

For this class, I created the platforms which consist of, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, and Youtube so far. I never had a Twitter before, so this will be interesting and a new platform for me to use and get used to. I have also never used Youtube before, but I do have a gmail and learned that Youtube was right there the whole time! The Youtube video is an awkward recording of me after my last class of the day, stating how I am feeling so far with this class and how I am excited to see everyone else’s creations. I decided to record myself on Audacity and upload it to Soundcloud, again a short reflection of how I am feeling about this class so far. I tweeted on Twitter for the first time ever and used the hashtag, #ds106 and also started following the daily create page on Twitter. I posted my cute one eyed dog on Instagram to introduce myself to my audience so hopefully they got a smile out of that. These short and to the point posts, were my idea of trying the platforms out and stating how excited/nervous I am about this course.

I have already learned a ton of new information, especially from the DKC! I already feel ten times smarter than I was on Monday and it has only been the first week of class! It was pretty easy setting up all the accounts, but what I found most challenging was trying to register my new subdomain, but I conquered it. I decided to use the same username for Instagram and Twitter: ds106_mckayla. I was happy and fortune that the username was available for both Twitter and Instagram. I thought this username looked professional for this class. It has the famous #ds106 as the beginning, minus the hashtag and then my name at the end so my audience and classmates have an idea on who it is. This first week took me three days to finally get my first 80’s assignment completed and this weekly summary done. I also created a static page to introduce myself to my audience. If I have learned anything this week thus far, it is that this work takes a lot of time and effort, so planning ahead is ideal and not cramming it at the last second is the right idea. Overall, I learned a lot this first week and I am happy with my accomplishments thus far.

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