Weekly Summary #9

This week we had to connect our daily creates if possible and create a story out of them. I decided to have all three of my daily creates connect and the final daily create sums them all together. One my first daily create, it asked me to draw a ruler without looking at a ruler itself. Well to be honest I struggled with that a lot as you can see, I was guessing what went between the inches. On my second daily create, I was asked to take a picture of something that describes me. I decided to take a picture of my morning devotional that I read every morning to start my day. I believe that this devotional reflects me because I like to think that I come off as a nice person that follows God. The third daily create was interesting because it kind of tied all of them together to complete my story, or lesson of life right now for me. The third daily create asked me what are the good things about becoming old. I automatically went to the idea of gaining wisdom. I wrote in the tweet, “the older I get the wiser I will become and the closer to God I will be as well. Along with gaining more knowledge in life such as measurement systems and learning the best way to live my life!” I decided to relate my ruler to to that if I try everyday and gain more knowledge as i get older overtime, I will become wiser and gain more knowledge with measurements. In doing all this, and just life events in general, my faith in God, daily create #2, will get me through learning my weaknesses like measurements and will help me get through them. As I get older I will look back and learn to appreciate the struggles and hardships and thank God that I got through them all.

daily create #1
daily create #2
daily create #3

Below is my blog post about my time on ds106radio listening in on my classmates and my group podcasts! I was very impressed with everyones segments and especially a lot of the commercials, they sounded very professional!

Below is my ideas going forward for the final project. I decided to use the thought of using 80s movies to use in the project or the idea of using 80s song lyrics and making your own story out of lyrics from 80s songs. Check it out and let me know what you think. I have not decided if I wanted to do a group project or a by myself yet.

Below is the blog post with two of my projects that I decided to redo and revisit. I think the commercial and beat sound a lot better with adding a few touches to both. I spend a good amount of time on these to get them right. I created these and revised these projects on Audacity and uploaded both of them to Soundcloud.

Here is were I commented on one of my classmates projects that sounded awesome! This project only used synth sounds to go along with the 80s theme. I think it was one of my favorite songs created that I have listen to this far. The other is another classmates post, where it reminded of one of the ideas that I proposed for the final project, making a story out of 80s songs, but this project made a story out of sounds, involving Disney. The last blog post was a cool redo, that looks like an album cover.

This week was a mix up compared to the usual week, but I enjoyed it. I hope you all enjoy my daily create connections and the redos of my two projects. I also enjoyed listening in on the radio podcast shows and hearing what everyone else had to say. It was interesting how people elaborated on some 80s topics. I had a lot of fun doing that project. It was very hard picking the top 3 best works this week from our class, but I’m sure everyone has different work and did great on it.

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