Weekly Summary #8 Radio Podcast

  1. Some of my group members including me used songs from the 80s that got blocked off of SoundCloud. We reached out to our professor and discussed a different way to submit our project, and we found a solution, which made our group very happy! We put it all together in Audcacity, and uploaded it onto our wordpress blogs as a audio file mp3. I hope that everyone gets a chance to listen to the final product during our radio show coming up soon! Here it is below.

Here is my second blog post summarizing my radio show process and progress this week below.

Also, this week we had to participate in two daily creates. They are below. My favorite one of the two was the, “Bring Back Memories.” This made me smile as I tweeted my response. It flashed me back to my childhood with my parents.

daily create #1
daily create #2

Here is where I am responding to my classmates comments on my blog.

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