Weekly Summary #7 Radio Show Intro.

Daily Create #1
Daily Create #2
Daily Create #3

Below are the Audio assignments that I completed for this week. We had to have a total of 10 stars. I really enjoy creating these assignments because I learn something new every time. I like using freesounds.org to get my beats and songs from that I use for these projects. I used Audacity to create each project below.

3 stars
4 stars
3 stars

Below is the design assignment I chose to create my poster for the ds106 radio podcast. I created a poster to advertise my groups radio podcast. I thought it turned out decent and looks like the 80s theme. I created this poster on Canva.

Below is my radio podcast segment that I created on Audacity. I really enjoyed creating this because I got to listen to some of my favorite 80s songs. I started out writing out what I was going to say during my podcast, so it would be easy for me read it off as I recorded myself talking. I had a bit of trouble with connecting it all on Audacity, but the DKC helped me out a lot! Overall, I really enjoyed creating this assignment so go and check it out! My group and I are very excited about our radio show podcast that will be coming up in the next week or so.

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