Weekly Summary #5

This week getting used to audio and creating my own audio has been tricky. I had to make an appointment with the DKC to let them help me navigate Audacity. I figured it out and that is the platform I used to create my audio assignments. Overall, this week has been the most challenging week yet, but I expect that it will only become more challenging as the weeks go on. Below are my three daily creates that I participated in on Twitter during this week. I enjoyed finding a picture from the 80s and creating a caption for it. I also decided to post it on my instagram account, ds106_mckayla.

daily create #1
daily create #2
daily create #3

Below is the blog post about my audio storytelling ideas and thoughts. I really enjoyed the videos assigned to watch by Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad. I really thought the Moon video was very interactive by listening to the sounds and the two men talking. This was by far the most engaging soundtrack I have listened to so far.

Below are my audio assignments that I participated in for this week. I was to complete 12 stars total and I completed 12 1/2 stars. These audio assignments were tricky to understand at first because I had to use the platform Audacity to create most of them. I am glad that I am getting used to Audacity because I was uncomfortable with it at first, but now I am user friendly with it. I got the sounds from freesounds.org that I used with these projects. I think my favorite one to create and how it turned out was, “A Walk Through Nature.”

Below is the creation and blog post of my radio bumper! This was a lot of fun to make, but like most people I do not like hearing my self talk. Overall, I think this was a fun assignment and I hope to hear my bumper on DS106Radio!

Below is the blog about my experience on ds106radio. I heard my bumper played twice, once at the beginning and the second time half way through the podcast. This was an interesting experience!

Below is the blog post for my ideas on the radio project that will becoming up in the next few weeks. I hope that my classmates will comment or let me know what they think of the two options I thought of. I hope they will agree or add to the options or just ask me about another option as well.

Below are some of my classmates posts that I commented on.

Overall, this week was the most challenging week yet. I have learned a lot with creating projects on Audacity. I learned how to use free sounds to create my projects and I honestly never knew that was there. I have gained knowledge throughout this week for sure and plan to continue to gain knowledge throughout this semester from ds106.

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