Weekly Summary #4

This week had some interesting readings. I enjoyed them a lot and also got to take away some new information from them. The daily creates were also fun to participate in. I enjoyed creating the visual assignments, this week we had to reach up to 12 stars. I completed 12 stars total. I love looking at what everyone else creates on the assignment pages. It always gives me a great idea for my next visual assignment creation. I tried to take photos with the thoughts of the article about telling stories in photos. With the picture of my pencil, I tried to create a perspective of the pencil by looking down on it. I used depth and balance with the pencil photo as well. I used the light from outside to create a small glow on the wood, making the pencil pop. My daily create with the dots, I decided to take a close up of my dotted dress, so it would play a trick on your eyes. I chose to focus on the moment, balance, and contrast for the dot photo. The perspective I chose for that photo was taken into account as well with the perspective and lighting of the pencil photo.

Daily Create #1
Daily Create #2

Below are my blogs on my photography experience and the photos I chose to investigate and evaluate using the tactics learned from the article telling stories in photos. The tactics taken into account when taking or evaluating a photo is selection, contrast, perspective, depth, balance, moment, lighting, and foreground/background.

Overall, this was my favorite assignment for this week!

Below are the assignments I chose to create from the visual assignments page. I had a lot of fun with each of these. We had to get a total of 12 stars total and incorporate the 80s into two of the assignments.

This is the original assignment link. I chose to involve the 80s within this assignment. Above I took an 80s poster of the movie, “The Goonies,” and made it silly just like the assignment asked. I used Canva to create this. I decided to add the social media link images at the bottom of the poster to make it look like the goonies have social media. I also added the location symbol at the top to show that the goonies also have their location on where they are. I had fun with this assignment. This assignment was 3 1/2 stars and I highly recommend creating your own.

This is the original link to the assignment. I was told to focus on the shadow as the main subject. Also, how the lines are defined between the shadow and the light. This is a photo off my front porch where the sunset is setting soon, giving this shadow a long narrow view from the actually object giving off the shadow. This vase of flowers are very colorful and give off a sense of happiness. When you look at the shadow, I have a sense of peace. Peaceful is what I feel when I look at the shadow. The black shadow gives a sense of curiousness, because you can tell the shadow is made from flowers, but all you wonder is what color the flowers are that are giving off the black shadow. This assignment was interesting and made me think really hard about how this image speaks to me, or how the image speaks. This assignment was 2 1/2 stars.

This is the original assignment link. This assignment asked me to take a picture of something close up to see if you can guess what it is. This object is an outdoor object! This assignment was fun and creative because I love to play these guessing games. This assignment was 3 stars.

This is the original assignment link. I chose to make this assignment connect with the 80s theme. I chose this image from google maps the street view to create a story with Madonna going to record her next song. The car reminds me of an 80s car perspective, and the image makes you think about where the car is going. Madonna is driving to record her next song, while she is playing her recent songs on the radio. She has a show coming up and she is heading to the recording studio. This assignment was 3 stars.

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