Weekly Summary #3

This week started out with creating my daily creates which we had to complete three for this week. I love daily creates because they make you appreciate the artwork around you. It also allows you to keep in tuned with what everyone else is viewing and enjoying as well. These post are perfect because they help keep me engaged within Twitter. I am starting to enjoy tweeting tweets especially the daily creates. I find myself excited to see what the daily create is going to be for the day. I love viewing everyone else’s tweets and love to explore their ideas on their tweets. Overall, this week’s assignments were great.

daily create #1
daily create #2
daily create #3

Below is the writing assignments I chose to complete for this weeks homework. I created a seperate blog post for these assignments. We were told to get up to 12 stars from the rating of each assignment and I completed up to 13 starts. These assignments were a lot of fun to complete because writing has always been fun to me. We were told relate two of these assignments back to our 80s theme. I decided to do that with the Robot story because it was fun going back in time. I also added the 80s theme into the famous singer that I created who also grew up and became a famous 80s singer. These assignments were a lot of fun to create and write because I used my imagination to write the stories. I used Canva to create the assignment with the snake’s perspective viewing humans. I used a snake picture as the background so my audience would get the hint of what they are reading about. I decided to use white lettering on the black background so it would pop and be easy to read. The one with were I love my porch sitting was great. I just uploaded a picture of my view from the front porch to my computer.

This is were I have commented on some of my classmates blogs.

This assignment was a lot of fun to write about. I enjoyed both videos that I was assigned to watch. The hypertext fiction article was awesome and had so much information in it. I have actually played some of the games that were mentioned within the article. I love games that are hypertext based because it is easy to choose from answers that are already there, instead of writing another answer out. I hope you enjoy my view on this assignment and I hope you like the movie the Karate Kid as well!

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