Weekly Summary #2

Hello people! So this was the first week I had to create and publish actual work for ds106. I used different platforms to create my work such as Canva. This week was a bit stressful because of all the different assignments and places to post my work at. This week taught me how to be organized for the weeks ahead. My first completed assignments this week was two daily creates that I saw on Twitter. These daily creates are so fun because I love to express what I like and filling in the blank of a sentence. It is interesting to see how others respond as well. Below are my four daily creates for this week.

Daily Create #1
Daily Create #2
Daily Create #3
Daily Create #4

This week I also learned the correct way to write a blog post. This article helped me format my three works for the assignment banks properly. Speaking of the assignment bank work, that was the most challenging part of this entire week for me. I looked through all the different genres and chose visual, design, and writing for my work generated for this week. I looked through all the different genres but I found myself more interested in the ones I chose. The first assignment genre I chose to work on was the visual assignment. This assignment was focused on the 80s theme and I believe this was the easiest assignment to complete out of the three. A good way to start out. I really enjoyed this work because I love the movie Top Gun and I love Tom Cruise.

The second genre I chose to work with was a design assignment. I really enjoyed creating this assignment because I used a new platform that I had never used before which was Canva. I thought my poster turned out decent and also this assignment was for the 80s theme as well. I spent quite a lot of time on this particular work but learned a lot.

The third assignment I chose to focus on was a writing assignment. I also enjoyed this work I created as well. For this assignment I did not focus on our 80s theme, instead I chose to focus on something completely different. I love fairytales and my favorite Disney movie is Shrek. Creating this Haiku poem was a lot of fun for me and also had me use my writing skills and my digital skills for the finishing product. I used Canva to create this work.

I have been on Twitter, Instagram and my blog everyday for a long time. My participation is excellent with watching for tweets and posts, but I need to start commenting more once I figure out how it all works. I am involved in Twitter a lot, by liking peoples post and tweets. I am struggling a little bit with how to get around in Twitter, but I am trying my best to interact with others. I saw where someone in the class asked me a question, and I accidentally overlooked it but I commented back. Below you can see where I liked everyones comment and replied to one. I’m slowly but surely starting to get the hang of Twitter. I have commented on my classmates blogs and have liked instagram posts as well. I am trying to think of a better way to upload on my blog how I am participating on my social media accounts and commenting on blogs in a more organized manner.

Below, is where I left comments on classmates blogs.

Below, I responded on my own blog, where a classmate left a comment on my 80s post. I have been checking my comments on cpanel to make sure I am not missing any comments.

I replied to my classmates comment about my 80s post.

Customizing my blog was fun. I decided to keep my blog looking strict and easy to navigate. I decided to have a set page with a short paragraph about me and my hobbies. I also posted a picture of me fishing to show the hobby I love. I like the color blue, so that is why the POSTS button is blue. I added my Youtube and Twitter on the top right of the website. In the sidebar, you can view my recent posts and recent comments. I am satisfied so far with how my website is coming together. I feel confident from this weeks’ creations and cannot wait for week 3!

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