Weekly Summary #12

This week we are doing mash and remix!! These assignments were challenging and exciting all at the same time. I learned A LOT from these assignments and even the present projects for me to look at to understand how remixes and mashups work. I had to look up a lot of times directions on how to do the next step in the assignments, but I found my way to the solution and completing it. I defiantly took a lot more time on these mashup assignments to complete than any other assignments in the assignment bank. I ended up uploading most of the videos on my YouTube account and that is how I shared my projects in my blog posts. Overall, I have gained a lot more knowledge because of these assignments and I am grateful for that. I love learning more and more each week to help me add to my digital skills and knowledge!

For the “Story through text,” assignment, this was challenging. The most challenging part was waiting for it to upload to Youtube. I downloaded an app called, ScreenRecorder and that is how I recorded my texts with my friend about how she found out that my boyfriend was cheating on my at a party that she went to last night. This story is completely made up. I learned a lot by creating this assignment and learned a new level of patience as well. LOL. For the “Animoji Karaoke” assignment, I created it off my iPhone and uploaded it to YouTube. My boyfriend wanted to participate in this assignment and thought it would be funny if he introduced me using my Animoji.

5 stars
5 stars

Below are my 2 remixes. The first one has to do with a remix from a classmate from ds106 created. The poster was about an 80s movie party and I decided to remix it and the remix asked me to completely do something different then the 80s poster. I decided to create a poster on Canva about an event that will have in 2020, a FaceTime Animoji. The second one has to do with a remix that takes the original assignment and change it to a boring powerpoint presentation. I got this assignment from the visual assignment bank. I decided to take five deer camera photos off my computer to create a short story in powerpoint. I found myself having a hard time not fixing up the powerpoint and leaving it boring and not very impressive, but I do believe that I nailed this remix assignment.

Make a Tutorial. For this tutorial, I decided to create a tutorial from an assignment called, “Generate Cool Letters” from the design assignments folder. I used my phone to video tape my talking and used my computer to display the tutorial. Canva was being extra slow, but overall, my tutorial will help out a future ds106er if needed.

Daily Creates this week were a total of three. They can be viewed below.

daily create #1
daily create #2
daily create #3

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