Weekly Summary #11

I created all my video assignments below in iMovie. I completed 10 1/2 stars again this week and I only needed 10 stars total. I am continuing to learn a lot in iMovie. I added transitions, title pages to all of the videos created below. I added some music in the background of the video of my 5 important things to me. All my video work is uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. I hope you enjoy my commercial, the video of importance to me, and my favorite video transition in iMovie. Let me know what you guys think. I am starting to like iMovie! 🙂

5 stars
3 stars
2 1/2 stars

I posted three TDCs this week. The first TDC I created was, “Record yourself and listen to it and tweet how you feel about you hearing your own voice. Confidence is key.” The second one was, “Take a picture of the animal that reminds you of your happiness.” The third one was, “Post your favorite quote that you live by everyday and why you chose to live by that quote.” I think these are fun and easy daily creates that everyone can relate to and enjoy completing.

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