Weekly Summary #10

The first video I watched was all about editing and the video used different scenes from different movies. It talked about how the use of the frames per second, or the amount of time focused on a human eye, can tell us about what will happen next. Editing almost seems invisible, because it happens so naturally you barely notice it. I learned that you see a cut happen more during a scene where someone is agitated and annoyed, compared to a scene of romance or happiness. As Professor Bond wrote in the weekly assignments, …”these videos presented that the focus in these is not on plot or acting, or even if the movies are good or not, but rather on the techniques, like editing, that the directors use to tell stories. This is not normal for us to look at a movie for its editing, but i think it a great idea to look at a movie and try and notice the editing and not focus on the plot and characters. Editing presents motion and rhythm. I myself learned a lot from the video and articles presented to me about editing. I actually enjoy looking at a movie and try to focus just on the editing and not the plot. I now understand how to ‘read’ a film by the factor of editing because of these useful articles and videos.

daily create #1
daily create #2

I completed 10 1/2 stars of video assignments this week. Check them out below. They consist of a fun video full of pictures, a commercial, and an analysis of a scene from the movie, “The Shining.”

Below is my video essay analysis project. This took a lot of my time to complete. I had to visit the DKC twice, and finally got my project together. I chose a scene from the movie “The Shining” to focus on. This particular scene is called, Here’s Johnny!” I used iMovie to create this project and I have never used iMovie before. I uploaded my video essay to YouTube, Vimeo, and my google drive. Check it out below!

This week I decided to add two TDC’s. I hope we get to see them on the daily creates coming up!

Comments I left on my classmates blogs are below.


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