Video essay on, The Shining, 1980.

This assignment asked me to make a video, using a scene from a movie, which I chose “The Shining” and discuss the scene in voice-over narration, and I can either upload my video essay to Vimeo or Youtube. I chose to complete this project on iMovie.

Hello everyone! I completed my video essay analysis and decided to use the famous, Here’s Johnny” scene from the movie, The Shining, filmed in 1980. This scene presented a lot of editing used by the music, characters clothes, characters facial expressions, the props, the lighting, and the hand held camera. This scene was perfect to use for this assignment, horror films always have lots of editing used in them if you look closely. I used this provided, helpful link to understand how to do this assignment correctly.

The process of making this was a bit difficult for me because I had never used iMovie before. I made an appointment with the DKC for them to give me a brief tutorial on iMovie. They are always very helpful. I then used 4k video downloader and downloaded this scene from the Shining onto iMovie. I then started to write out my outline of what I was going to say. I decided to start out with a basic title that presents the movie I am focusing on and my name below it to show who is in charge of this video essay. I also spoke out load that this video project is for educational purposes only and I am not intending to copyright anybody. I plan to upload this to YouTube, Vimeo, and google drive and hopefully none of those platforms will take it down, but I am allowing three different options. I used two different titles, the first was called a Line and the next was called reveal with the Shining, 1980 written on it, this allowed for some suspense to grow as the lettering grew upon the page. I used a cross dissolve transition between the two title pages at the beginning. I then used a fade to white transition at the end of the scene to fade to the next title page that is a reveal title page, that says “let’s review this scene.” Then I put the last title page which is an expand on the very end written as “CONCLUSION.” I then stated here my conclusion and ended my video analysis.

Overall, I think I did very well considering I have never used iMovie before. I defiantly got some help from the DKC to where to start. They told me that as long as I write in the description that this is for educational purposed only, that it should not get taken off. But I am going to upload to to three different platforms. This assignment took a lot of my time but I learned a lot while creating this assignment. Below is my outline that I wrote out in bold, so I knew what I was going to say. I have to admit that I am not great at speaking on the spot when being video recorded, I do not really like the sound of my voice, but hopefully that will get better overtime as I do more assignments like these.

Hello everyone. This is my video essay analysis project that I am doing for an assignment for week 10 in ds106.  I decided to chose the movie The Shining to talk about for my video analysis. I have learned quite a lot this week by reading all the very informative articles presented to me along with the videos as well. They all taught me how to ‘read’ a video with the editing that is used. I really enjoyed creating this and exploring my own thoughts on editing. I decided to chose this scene from The Shining because it has a lot of editing within it. From sound, to the clothes, to the transitions and cuts of each shot, there is a lot going on which adds even more suspense within this scene. This scene is called Here’s Jonny” and that is the most famous part of this entire movie. I hope you enjoy my video analysis and feel free to leave a comment below! Thanks for listening in.  

Now to start, let’s watch and listen to the first shot that has horrific, intense music playing in the background. The audience can only hear this music not the characters within the movie. This terrifying, loud music adds suspense and lets the audience know that something bad is about to happen. This music makes the audience get anxious. Also, notice the camera is hand held allowing you to feel as if you are right there in the middle of the action. Look at his facial expression, it shows he has a creepy, happy, smile on, and this presents to the audience that he is going crazy, along with the prop in his hand which is the ax.  

In horror films there is always a struggle going on. You can see the woman struggling to get out the window as the man is taking his time to get to her. 

Notice, it is  at night time with a lot of snow on the ground. Creating some type of trap that is known to be presented in horror films. 

Here you hear the scary background music complete stop, as you hear him trying to open up the locked door. Notice his facial expressions during this shot.  

The editing used on the woman is to show her as very weak and gets scared easy. Her dark black hair against her pale skin represents that she is scared and frightened.  The prop used is a knife, and notice how her hands look very feminine and weak holding onto the knife. Her facial expression is the main focal point within this shot, presenting fear, along with the music in the background. 

Here is the famous part of the movie, Here’s Johnny!”

 The editing used within this scene was to add suspense for the audience. This was presented by using the loud, terrifying music that only the audience could hear and not the characters within the movie. The characters facial expressions were very elaborate, presenting exactly what they were feeling at that moment. There were shadows around the man to create some type of ‘evil’ villain for the audience to see to understand there is some type of evil within him. The props used within this scene were very violent, a ax and a knife, adding to the suspense as well. The cuts within this scene were back and forth from the man to the woman, which the only object between them was the door, showing how fragile the woman was and how strong the man is. 

Overall, I really enjoyed presenting on the editing I saw used within this scene. The hand held camera is what made you feel like you were in the room with the man and the woman. PAUSE. Once again, this project is for educational purposes only, and I am not intending to copyright anybody. Thanks for watching and listening in!


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