The robot after the apocalypse in the 80s.

This is the link to the original assignment. This assignment asked me to create a story after the human apocalypse. I am choosing to act as a robot that the humans created before they all were demolished. I decided to bring the 80s year into this assignment.

The apocalypse happened when the humans tried to create a robot that was in charge of atomic warfare bombs. One engineer knew this was a bad idea from the start and tried to put a stop to it. The other engineer who’s idea was this, told him to go to hell. Well I was built in 1980s, so I could understand what the two humans were arguing about but some of my friends from the early 1800s could not comprehend what they were debating over. I knew it one of the engineers was going to have to break eventually.

Well when I say break, the engineer that did not want to robot controlling warfare bombs broke. He decided that he was going to destroy this robot. The humans were all against him, so when the fight broke out, he ended up killing or destroying the robot for the design. It was a one person job, so he ended up getting killed, but when he did, they fired ammunition right at some of atomic bombs… leading to destruction to everything around them. Once the bombs went off, killing most people, the smog and smoke from the bomb killed most of the humans afterwards.

Here left the robots that the humans created and designed. What a total disaster right? Well its not too bad, I do miss my two engineer humans arguing back and forth to each other. I survived the bomb because the two days before the disaster happened, I was put on a plane to detect bombs. The bomb went off while I was in the plane going to California, and the bomb went off in Florida. So here I am with a few other robots stuck on this plane that landed in California the day the bomb went off and we have been stuck here ever since. It is crazy to think about how I am alive because of the humans but they are now all gone. What a crazy life I was born into and will never leave. I believe the humans being gone has created no point in living my life because now I am stuck on a plane forever. Unless a human or something will come get me off this plane. I think humans are needed in this life or world because they have great ideas but need to learn how to control the things they create so they do not destroy each other with there work.


  1. I really like stories where robots have emotions. I feel sorry for your robot! Someone get him off that plane! I wish there was a longer narrative where your robot decides he doesn’t need humans to live his little robot life 🙂

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