The 80s famous Bill.

This assignment asked for me to create a fiction story. I am choosing to create a story that evolves within the 80s time.

During the 80s, there was all types of music being created and published. There was a man named Bill Lyons who was becoming a famous singer for rock music. He was 30 years old, had a steady job, and always wanted to become a famous singer. Well one day he decided that he should focus on becoming the famous singer he had always wanted to be and left his job. He started out playing on the streets, in local bars trying to get his name out there. Eventually, some of the bars invited him back to play because they loved his music. In a year, he had a band, and crowds that followed him to different cities in New York. He loved his life now.

Then, one night he got too drunk and accidentally offended one of his crowed members. He and the band were kicked out the bar that night. When he woke up the next morning he realized that he is not living the life he wanted to. He is letting drinking get in the way of his success as a famous singer. He decided to quit drinking, and once he did that someone came up to him one night and asked him to make a cd for this production guy. Bill was thrilled. All his dedication and hard work was starting to pay off. He created his fist set of songs, they got realized and BAM, Bill Lyons was on the cover of billboards for concerts. He became famous.

Overall, this story was to show you that everyone has a dream and you have to be willing to run after it because its not going to run into you. You have to learn lessons and go through trails in order to learn the right path to go down. He quit drinking and then later down the road it actually helped him land his first set of songs with the production guy that introduced himself to Bill. Life is going to be tough, but only you make your life what it is. Bill made his and faced some challenges. As long as you climb and learn from your challenges you will reach your goals or dreams.

Below is where I posted this story on my Twitter in a single tweet summarizing the take home message from this story.

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