Reflection on radio show!

On Tuesday night, I had some difficulty getting the ds106 radio to load for me on my computer. For some reason my computer would not load the ds106 radio. After tweeting with my professor trying different browsers and links, I finally thought about the idea that I could listen to the radio station on my phone. That worked. I do not know why my computer would not load the radio station because it has before, but I will have to look into that later on. 

The podcast I started to hear was about the Golden Girls once I finally listened to the radio from my phone. It was very interesting. This podcast had great transitions and the commercials I heard sounded like a real commercial that I would hear on the TV! One was about pizza and it made me hungry. 🙂 The next podcast talked about an episode that only lasted 4 seasons. Alf was the main character of the episode. This segment had some background music playing in the background, this helped me stay engaged with the speaker. The commercials were great within this podcast, they actually sound real! They did a great job adding music, sound effects, and tone in their voices within these commercials. The “Little House on the Prairie,” was analyzed on this podcast and that was interesting for me to learn about. I had watch the show when I was a lot younger, so I had some flashbacks while listening to this segment. This podcast was static some for me, it kept going in and out when someone like the professor got on the radio show ‘live’, but I think that is pretty normal. The station worked well for me during the radio show podcast. Overall, I think the commercials were awesome, good use of extra noises, background music, and great voices! The bumpers were awesome too. Each of the segments were all unwise and different from each others, which kept things interesting. It is cool how everyone found something different to analyze or discuss that involved our 80s theme. Overall, I enjoyed this podcast, but I think that if they played a track on what their topic was, it would help break up the person talking and engage the audience even more.

Having the audience listen to my segment of the radio show was weird feeling honestly, but I started to warm up to it at the end. I believe that my segment of the radio show was fun for the audience because they got to listen to some 80s music. I think this was a nice break up from the normal analyzing songs and 80s people. The audience members had a ‘break’, by listening to the top 5 best 80s songs of my choice. I think that our commercials sounded great and so did our bumpers. Our groups radio podcast sounded great and hung in there with the other podcast that I have heard! Overall, I am happy with my groups radio podcast! Everyone else’s was great too! 🙂

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