I decided to chose this commercial to redo and add some background music to help set the mood better. This commercial is used in our groups final podcast that will be airing soon. I grabbed this commercial from the free commercial scripts website. When I first played this commercial, I heard only my voice then I realized it needed something else. I decided to go onto freesounds.org and downloaded a nylon string guitar with steel string bass. I created this in audacity and I put the gain on my voice to an increase and the guitar to a decrease so you can hear me talking over the soothing music. I then took away the ending guitar note, and had the background music fade in in the beginning and then fade out at the end. I left the ‘gulp’ in the commercial because I think there needs to be something else to help get the message across of the commercial. I am happy with this revised commercial and I plan to always use background music in the commercials I make. Below is the first draft of the commercial. Below that is the second, revised version.

Below is the other project that I decided to revise and mix up a bit. I created this off of audacity as well. I got the sounds from free sounds and created a nice beat. For the revised version, I decided to use a fade out at the end of the first segment and then a fade in at the beginning of the second segment. This beat sounds repetitive because I copied some of the beat within the original beat and pasted it back to back, maybe creating a retro sound. I used a fade out at the end as well. This beat is not a regular beat, but it does get your head bobbing. This is the first product below from Soundcloud. The revised version is underneath the first one.

I reworked these two projects because the commercial is important and I learned that having background music helps engage the listener. I feel great about the commercial outcome with adding in the background music. I think it makes the commercial complete. The second project was a rushed project so I decided to rework it. I messed with the effects some and I know it doesn’t sound like a normal beat, but I like the way it came out because it almost sounds like retro music. Overall, these two projects were revised and revisited and turnout to be better than before!

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