My photography experience.

I love taking photos but I have only taken photos off my iPhone. I have never owned a nice camera that takes the extremely focused photos. I take a lot of photos now, usually involving my friends at events with me. I really never just take a photo to take a photo, usually it is with friends or family. I really have never taken a selfie before, or have posted a selfie on my social media accounts. I am a social photo taker if that makes sense. I am starting to enjoy taking photos of objects, or beautiful sunsets. This article assigned for me to read has really opened my eyes to see how a photo can be understood and that there is always more within the photo than what you can see. Reading and understanding the selection, contrast, perspective, depth, balance, moment, lighting, and foreground/background of the image gave me a different way to look at an image now. I really enjoyed this short and very informative blog post about telling stories in photos.

All the tactics: selection, contrast, perspective, depth, balance, moment, lighting, and foreground/background are great for me to start to take into account when I take a photo. It will help make my photo look more professional and clean cut. These tactics are great to understand and have the knowledge about because these will only make me more educated on images and photos. Images tell a story. When looking at a photograph, you see the main object first then the background. Your mind wonders about what the object is, or what the main object is thinking or doing. Then when viewing the background, this creates a story within your head. The background tells where the main object within the image is and what it is about. Lighting and perspective will be taken into account as well. Black and white lighting could mean sad, or it could be a formal photograph. Colorful images will help you read the story within the images easier because it could be bright colors for happiness, or darker colors to present a dark feeling. An image does create a narrative by itself. Like I elaborate above, images create their own stories by taking into account the tactics which are: selection, contrast, perspective, depth, balance, moment, lighting, and foreground/background.

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