My Photoblitz!

This is the screenshot of my photoblitz! I had a lot of fun with this assignment. I have learned that I actually love to take pickets and now I view images differently because of this assignment. I have learned to appreciate photos and how to understand and read the story within the image itself.

Make a silhouette by aiming the camera into bright light.

This photo is taken outside, during sunset and I decided to create a different silhouette than usual. I liked how his hand came from above the sun and look as if he was going to touch or grab it. The contrast here is between the suns light and around my friends hand, creating a dark hand. The perspective is from a straight angle, standing up and I wanted to make it look like that as well. The depth is great in this photo I think, because it shows the field of beans continuing until the tree line that lies beyond and under the sun setting. The balanced used for this photo was to create the hand looking bigger than the sun. That is why there is more space for the arm and hand than the field and sun. The lighting is obviously intent ail for this photo because it is a silhouette. The background is kinda in focus at the beans and not in focus at the sunset and tree line, this was also intentional so you would focus on the hand coming into the image.

Take a photo that includes a manufactured product and at least one of its elements.

This image was one of my favorites. This pistol is a very expensive pistol but also very beautiful as you can see. I decided to give the perspective from an angle looking up. The depth is created within the wood to the metal of the pistol. I think this image balanced very well, because it is in the middle of the image. The moment is captured, as if you are viewing it from your own eyes. The lighting is great, I made the sun hit the pistol, so it would have a pretty glow to it. I love the wood behind it as well, a piece of cut pine. The foreground is in focus with the background out of focus allowing the viewer to focus on the main object, but also viewing it was taken outside.

Includes a “finished product” and at least one of its “raw materials”

When I view this image, it makes me feel cozy. I love my chickens and they love to lay eggs. I think image has great contrast between the chicken, her eggs, and the hay around her. The lighting here is great, showing how her fur is soft, and the eggs are smooth. The balance here is good, having two eggs and one chicken is very accurate. The depth is not dramatic in this photo, but I like how the perspective is chosen to have it look close up to the chicken. It shows half her body, which really allows you to see her close up and in detail. The foreground and background are in focus because this photo is a close up of the object.

Gauges, meters, and turn signals are all indicators.

This was a fun one, but I decided to go outside the box on this image. I thought this colors in this photo were great. The contrast between the bright lights on the object on the right compared to the background which is dull colors. This image is not balanced but I like the way it looks. The lighting here is used to only focus on the main object and the depth within this photo is not that useful because the background does not mean that much in this photo. The background is in focus to allow the viewer to understand where photo was taken.

What does disappointment look like?

This image was a funny one because I kept laughing at his disappointed face. This image was chosen to be taken inside and had the main object in front of a white shade. This allows for great contrast to be created and a nice shadow as well. This allows represents how he is disappointed, with the shadows, showing sadness, or disappointment. The perspective is face to face, allowing the viewer to feel right in the room with him. The depth is created by the shadows from the flash from the camera. The balance is shown with the main object being in the middle of the photo. The lighting here used is the flash. The background and foreground are in focus because the image is meant to show and focus on the object looking upset.

Your most prized possession.

This is by all means, my favorite photo I took for this project. I love my one-eyed Boe. The contrast is created from the lighting choice I chose, which is the flash from the camera. The depth is shown also from the shadow from Boe. Balance is created because Boe is centered within the photo. The moment here is captured, because he wants his bone. The perspective is looking down because Boe is a small dog and this is an accurate angle from the human view. The foreground and background are focused because it will show that the image is taken inside. Just another photo to add to my Boe Boe files.

Take a close up photo of an object with unique texture or pattern; make us guess what it is.

Do you think you can guess what this texture is? Or the object it is?

It is my cats fur! I love my cat and her soft coat, which is the prettiest colors to me. I decided to take a very close up photo so it will show the fine hairs and different colors within her fine hairs. The contrast is created between the colors of her fur. The lighting is used to show the very detailed indifvual fine hairs, from the start of her coat to the end of it, where it is white. I thought this texture was pretty and looked cool as well.

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