My commercial !

This is the original link to the assignment and it is worth 5 stars.


I created this in iMovie where I chose the circle to open transition in the beginning and a fade to white at the end. I decided to hold my phone up in front of the camera so you can see Micheal Jackson singing and I like how there was reflection within the background where you can see another view of Jackson. Below is the script that I read and wrote for this commercial. I would probably print out a picture of Jackson next time if my printer is working. I am learning that I do have a mono tone voice.

Hello everyone! Michael Jackson will be playing at Innsbrook After Hours Friday November 15th! Buy your tickets online and Reserve the best seats closest to the stage! We are expecting to sell out of tickets in four days! Tickets go on sale today at noon. Good luck and see you at Innsbrook After Hours!”

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