Karate Kid!

For this assignment I chose to analyze the animated gif. that was about the Karate Kid. Gifs are interesting to view and analyze to try and understand what the underlying message is. It could be a gif. about a movie, something comical, or just someone created it for fun. Gifs can have lots of meanings and the message is viewed differently by whoever is analyzing it. Photography has always been about capturing the moment. A gif. is about telling a deeper story within the picture, by freezing time. It allows the viewer to really embrace the moment being portrayed in the picture. I have seen that a gif. lives forever, watching one over and over again makes the viewer feel more physically in the picture frame than just simply looking at the picture. 

First, what makes the Karate Kid movie a great story is the idea that one kid can be everything all by himself if he believes. The Karate Kid is a great story because it could be storytelling some people’s childhoods. Bullies are everywhere, and we have all gotten bullied. This movie brings out the worst and best in a kid that is being bullied. The movie is great, and you can tell it is from the 80s because of how the music plays in the background during the movie only for the audience to hear and not the actors. The 80s movies are known for having background music for the audience to only hear and that helps connect with the characters. The 80s are also known for how when a big scene happens in the movie, all the actors within that scene are very active and loud, talking or shouting in the background. The Karate Kid is full of that action, especially during the matches of the karate fighting. The image of the character of the 80s is in this movie. The big hair dues and the girls that are dressed up with lipstick. The guys jamming out to their music box riding around town in their fancy cars. This movie helps define the 80s. 

The reason this gif. is so great to view and analyze, is that it defines that 80s when you view it. Look at the film used, it is a little scratchy giving it the feeling of the 80s where the film was not all clear. The colors picked within this gif. are mainly red, black, and white. Which also describes both the characters personalities. The karate kid is nice and innocent, who is wearing white and the other mean guy is wearing black. Take a look at the background, what you see is the score board with the Karate Championships written on it. Look at the crowed, they are all moving no matter if they are just clapping or jumping into the air. The crowed goes wild at the last second of the gif. because the Karate Kid kicks the mean guy to the floor. The crowed in this gif. defiantly shows that this movie is from the 80s because they are all in action along with the main action of this gif. This gif. reviles that this movie is from the 80s because of all the things I just described.

Within the videos assigned to watch, I learned that everything is a story. Going to the store to buy some groceries is a story. You could go to the story and end up coming home with a story to tell your friend about your visit to the store. Storytelling is everywhere. The video about the structure of stories was an older video but defiantly caught my attention. Kurt Vonnegut had great points about how the structure of stories are made. He went into great depth and detail about something so simple that it was very fascinating. The crowed was laughing because of the way he presented his research, he had me smirking some too. I like his personality and also the way he presented the information. This Karate Kid is within the image he drew on the chalkboard. The Karate Kid starts out with a sad boy and then the boy hits his peak with getting some fighting skills, then gets beat up. The curve goes back down a little bit, then soars back up when he wins the Championship. This movie fits right in with how Mr. Vonnegut describes how stories are created.

The article I chose to look at was the one about hypertext fiction that was viewed from over the years. Hypertext fiction is another view of digital storytelling. Hypertext is a word that contains a link to a website. For example, we have all used hypertext with our bogs when we create a link that is connected with the word of our choosing. Hypertext has been around for a little while and we do not take into account how it is how Facebook, Instagram, and most other platforms function. The article mentions that hypertext has changed the world, but it has not changed literature yet. A great example of hypertext is on Netflix, Black Mirror. This a story where you chose what the character’s action are. You have to choose one of the choices of words given to you. This is a great and fun way to explore how hypertext works. I think it would be a great idea to create a hypertext Karate Kid movie on Netflix. That would create different endings to the movie and see which ending you get would add a lot of suspense while playing. Overall, this assignment was interesting and brought all my thoughts together.

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