Facing my fears.

I created this on Canva for one of my writing assignments. This is the original link to the assignment. This assignment is three stars, which I agree with the rating. I got the picture of the snake on Canva and made the lettering white so you can see it without it blending in with the background. I had fun with this assignment. As you can see, I picked a snake as my fear. I wrote this in the snakes perspective as the assignment asked for. The story tells that the snake sees my camo crocs and thinks of the forest. The snakes tail gets whacked by a human with an object that cuts the snakes tail open. The snake freaks out and runs to the nearest hole to escape the area with the humans. The snake hears the girl screaming (who is me) while he is running away. I left some details out so the reader can come up with their own imaginations and conclusions to this short story. Hope you enjoy!

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