Ds106 radio live!

I participated in a live “tweet-along” with ds106 radio this week on Wednesday at 8:30-9:30pm. I heard my bumper on the radio twice! Which made me happy. I screen shotted some of the tweets below from our discussion on Twitter. Professor Bond tweeted, “We’re listening to a podcast, produced from old time radio shows, and listening for how it uses sound to convey information – senses of action, place, mood…” Overall, the sounds used within this podcast did convey the information of the place, mood, or action. The sounds helped paint the picture in my mind from the crickets, to the speech, then back to the music that helps drive the mood. Some of my classmates tweeted about how they do not know how they feel about the vocal effects. Some found them distracting or amusing, I had some mixed feelings about it myself, but decided that I liked it. Overall, the #ds106radioshow was a fun experience and an experience that I have never experienced before! 🙂

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