Design Reflections.

Massimo Vignelli was an Italian designer who designed from furniture to package designs to graphic designs. Within his booklet called,  The Vignelli Canon, he first wrote about his perspective on design. On page 14, “We design things which we think are semantically correct and syntactically consistent but if, at the point of fruition, no one understands the result, or the meaning of all that effort, the entire work is useless.” Design is created with intent. We create design with power, intent, and force. I also picked out another quote by Vignelli about discipline. On page 16 he wrote, “The attention to details requires discipline… Every detail is important because the end result is the sum of all the details involved in the creative process no matter what we are doing.” I completely agree with this. It is simply that the quality of that design is there or it is not.

The other assigned reading is written by Chip Kidd. He wrote a book on design, designed for children. Within this article this qoute stuck out to me, “Whether you realize it or not, most of the decisions you make, every day, are by design.” I thought about this for a minute or two and realized that that quote was true. Another quote that got my attention was, “Everything that is not made by nature is designed by someone.” This is very true because nature is nature, not man-made, but objects that are created for a design are probably created from nature. Design is everywhere, even in nature itself. The texture of the bark on the trees, to the spacing between each tree. I learned that design can be broken down into lots of concepts. I really enjoyed reading these articles and other links attached to them, it really has opened my eyes to understand how design is created and demonstrated. Overall, design is everywhere, we humans create designs, but we also live in a design world, we need to appreciate what design has taught us.

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