Audio storytelling.

Sounds drive stories by allowing the listener to understand where the story took place at. Sound gives the story the ability to listener and almost live the moment within the story by just listening. The videos that I watched with Abumrad explaining how radio creates empathy really opened my eyes or I should say my ears, to how sound really does create more to the story. If there was no sound, a lot would be lost, the tone, attitude, personal connection within the story would not be developed with the listener. It was neat listening to Abumrad talk, because it made me realize that sound is a big factor in everything.

The Moon Graffiti soundtrack was very interesting. I felt like I was listening to a movie, but without actually watching the movie. I found myself closing my eyes while listening to the sounds and the men talking within this soundtrack. I started to visualize what the setting and the moon might look like. The sounds and men talking within this soundtrack allowed me to connect with the men personally. I could hear their panicking voices trying to stay calm, allowing me to connect and feel sympathy for them. The sounds within this soundtrack create the atmosphere of the moon, and the music added within the background adds to the dramatic feelings of the men. The atmosphere created feels lonely and lost. This soundtrack allows me to connect only to the two men that are talking about their deaths that are about to take place. The static between them talking gives off an eire feeling for me. They start to talk about personal things, and then something dramatic happens, and the music intensifies making me listen into the sounds, trying to listen to what is happening even more.

Audio storytelling is a great way for the listener to listen to the sounds given within the soundtrack, and allow the listener to create and draw their own conclusions with the sounds they take. mentioned about I closed my eyes while listening the the moon soundtrack, and I visualized what the setting looked like on the moon and the two men talking. I think audio storytelling is an awesome way to let the listener take control of the story and let them create their own story out of the sounds they hear. It is very interesting because it is not watching a movie, so every listener that listens to the moon soundtrack will visualize a different setting, the men, etc. In conclusion, everyone will have a different way of listening and taking in the sounds presented to them, and will create their own conclusions. That is what is so unique about audio storytelling, it allows the listener to create their own image with their imagination by listening to the different sounds and people talking.

Below are some examples of audio storytelling that I found interesting.

I could not for some reason embed the link below to the Hip Hop’s Billboard rap songs so here is the link below, get ready because it is really fun and loud!!


Below is the link to Memory Loops.



^^link where I got the two examples from.

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