“A Pilot’s Path,” Final Project Trailer.

This week I finished up taking videos and photos for the trailer and sat down and downloaded them onto my computer to upload to iMovie. I decided to use the song, “Here I Go Again” by A British rock band called, Whitesnake released in 1982. I decided to use this song because it obviously connects with our 80s theme and also goes well with the documentary.

Below is the ad that I created in Canva to advertise the movie that will becoming out in Winter of 2020. The name of the movie is, A Pilot’s Path. The main character of the movie is my sister, Mckensie Washington who is in the process of getting her pilots license. This takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get a pilots licenses. This is a documentary of Mckensie that is in the process of getting her pilots licenses. My boyfriend and I have flown with her and Nick a couple times and she is doing great. Robbie will be seen in the trailer as well a couple of times. In one video you will see all of us together in the plane. My boyfriend and I are in the back seat of the plane in a clip in the trailer. Mckensie’s CFI, Nick Conklin is awesome and really understands how to be a great pilot and leader for her. You will see Nick in the trailer beside Mckensie helping her fly the plane as well.

I decided to use the song, “Here I Go Again” by A British rock band called, Whitesnake released in 1982. I decided to use this song because it obviously connects with our 80s theme and also goes well with the documentary. I also decided to use this song because the words within this song describe Mckensie’s journey in life right now and how she is trying something new on her own. She always has said she feels like she belongs being involved with something risky or unique and I believe that flying a plane can be risky and it is also unique. Overall, I think this song fits this documentary well and it also connects with the course theme, the 80s.

I decided to create a small frame for the camera footage. You will notice that immedualty when you play the video. I decided to do this because it makes you feel as if you are right there in the video walking with Mckensie. It shows that these videos are ‘live’ footage, taken by me in the plane or Mckensie. I asked for different opinions about the smaller video footage and they replied that it almost grabs your attention and makes you focus more on the video than usual. They said you focus more on it because the video is ‘real’ and that creates a connection with the audience instead of it being filmed wide screen. I liked that response because that was exactly my target. I thought it would be cool to make the still pictures fit the screen so it would have a small mix up between the video and images.

Again, this final project had to build a story in multiple interconnected media. My project consisted of writing, photography, audio, design and mostly video. The final project was created in iMovie as mentioned above. The purpose of why I chose to create this trailer is to show that I have mastered several different types of digital media and that I can bring them together creating a story.

I used writing to write out and brainstorm what I wanted to see in the trailer and how many seconds each clip should be presented. I also wrote down a lot of notes to help me keep straight when I wanted the music to start playing in the background and the fade in and outs. I wrote out all the different scenes that I wanted within the trailer, like a selfie video, walking to the plane with the song “Here I Go Again” playing in the actual video, then the same song starts playing in the documentary itself, which I thought came together great. All of these videos and pictures taken were intentional and meant to tell a story. I used photography by taking the pictures used in the video. I did not use all the pictures that I took in the documentary, but it was hard choosing which ones to put in the trailer. I used audio in the beginning of the trailer, where the music is playing from the phone and you can hear the background noises of footsteps. I mostly used video for this trailer and I think the videos are what helps the message get across to the audience because it portrays the emotion of the trailer better than a still image. I used design by creating my promotion poster for this trailer shown above and I used Canva to create the poster.

I had to create this trailer 4 different times because I accidentally kept messing up where it would convert over and I would forget to add a video or image. One time I accidentally spelled one of the names on the credits list wrong and had to start over. iMovie needs to set a feature to allow you to go back and edit the credits before you convert it over to a movie clip. I decided to use Robert Hays and Julie Hagerty as two important actors who are speaking about this documentary. I chose these two people because they are both well-known for acting in the movie Airplane and Airplane II. I thought it would be a good idea to have actors that have been in a movie involving flying and airplanes.

I am so proud of my project! It took a lot of hard work and time to get the content for the trailer. Let me know what you think!

I wrote this sentence in the uploads so hopefully it will not get taken down because of the 80s song, “Here I Go Again” playing in it. “This video project is for educational purposes only. I am not intending to copyright anyone.”

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